Losing weight with -  the 21 day rule

The only way to really lose weight is to change your lifestyle. 
Changing your lifestyle means making new “normals”
Your unconscious mind can change your normals” and make new "normals"
Let me talk to your unconscious mind Download my Hypnotherapy so you  can make new  "normals” 

The Way Forward

FOOD comfort has been there since you was a baby; warm milk and a cuddle; chocolate was a treat and who wasn’t told to eat the food in front of them to grow big and strong.  Strong messages.
BECAUSE of this, you will now need to find new normals that meet the needs of your lifestyle without replacing that need with another addictive product.  Drinking water is the best, most universal solution. 
ADDICTION creates a hole that is the size of the need and a need that is the size of the hole SO the only thing that can fill it is the hole.  Replacing these moments with food, drink or drugs will not help your weight loss journey.
The New You
THIS is the start of your journey and for the first week or two, your body will crave food. THIS WILL PASS.  You are the controller of your cravings – you are not addicted to food – even though your mind wants to tell you otherwise.  Imagine the new you: thin, carefree, and fit, looking forward to a fantastic long life
JUST take relaxing breaths so that the cravings get less frequent and soon disappear. You will be able to start to control your need for food because you will consciously CHOOSE to eat small portions of healthy food and only eat when hungry. 
EVERY time you choose NOT to eat unhealthy foods, you will prove to yourself that you can control what you eat and make a new normal.  As you choose to fight the cravings, you truly become the new you.  Remember, every addiction can be broken – make new normals.
The New You
YOUR eating habits are your choice.  Once you are handling the Addiction, you will realise that the Habit of eating when you don’t need to is a choice – every time you ate when you didn’t need to, it was your choice –  you who control the choice  – so choose not to, make a new normal.
DO NOT replace your eating Habit with an alternative Habit, such as a cup of coffee or chewing gum or eating carrot sticks as this will only maintain the Habit and will not change your lifestyle.
DO recognize the differences in your body and know when you are actually hungry.  Only eat when you are hungry.   Make sure you replace cravings with a variety of actions and include healthy exercise, make new normals.
Your Journey
If you believe you can be thin – then you will be
AVOID places (and people) where you are encouraged to eat unhealthy foods. In restaurants watch the portion size, choose fresh salad and vegetables and avoid fats, starch and sugar. 
FIND a distraction to use when stressed.  You could choose to keep fit, walk more, swim or join a Gym, in fact anything that can make you healthier will help your body to be reborn.  You could even start a cooking hobby where you only use healthy food to match the new you.
In Your Future, if you crave food
- choose not to.
THE cravings WILL disappear.  For the first few weeks, avoid places and times when you most enjoyed snacking or eating unhealthy foods.  Watch thin people’s eating habits.   If you do end up in a situation where there are unhealthy amounts of food, relax and think of the positive reasons to become thin and relish that experience instead.

§  Take in a long deep breath to the count of 5 and hold for 5.  Breathe it out to the count of 10.
§  Close your eyes and imagine you are in your happy place.
§  Go for a long walk
§  Laugh, Sing or Dance for 30 seconds

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