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Weight Management

10 tips to control your weight 1.      Eat slowly so that you fully taste each bite.   Put your knife and fork down occasionally to give your body time to measure how full you are. 2.      Stop eating once or twice during a meal and think about how you feel: are you full, hungry, do you still need to eat? 3.      You are the one deciding your boundaries so you need to understand that it is your choice to eat what you do.   Make sure that your choices are the right ones and really pay attention to the eating boundaries that you set. 4.      Figure out when you are hungry, peckish or full. 5.      Figure out why you just want to eat: is it stress related? Are you bored or lonely?   And when you have figured this out, could you do something else other than eat?   Could you drink water? Could you go for a run or phone a friend for a chat? 6.      When someone offers you unhealthy food, consciously think of the consequences of eating it and choose to politely refuse 7.     

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