Weight Management

“It’s never too late to become who you were always meant to be
Now that 2018 is definitely here, all I keep seeing is ads for dieting; the new you; slimming plans; eating; eating; eating; yet what upsets me most is that easy solutions are not being offered.  After all, it’s not the fact that we should all diet to lose weight that is the issue, it’s that we have to realise why we are overweight and learn to use food and exercise correctly and sensibly so that our weight comes back into manageable levels.
Can you set new goals for the size you want to be?
Now some people are naturally and easily slim and some people do tend to be overweight BUT this does not mean that the naturally overweight have no control over their weight, they just have to look at it differently. 
The naturally slim:
Ø  Eat smaller portions and when they do binge or over eat, they are fuller much quicker and stop eating sooner.
Ø  They stop eating when full and leave food on their plate
Ø  They eat slower so chew and taste the food, so their bodies respond clearly and therefore read the full signs from their stomach more clearly
Ø  The good news is that anyone can become slim anyone can change and anyone can keep those changes throughout their lives.  And the most useful way to start to lose weight is to watch skinny people eat!
And stick with the reasons why it is so important?

Understand what makes you want to eat and the triggers that make you reach out for food.  Is it depression? Stress? Loneliness? Boredom? 
Once you’ve identified why you eat badly, put new normals in place and instead of reaching for food – find a new way to relax when you feel depressed or an exercise to rid you of stress, join a club if you’re lonely or find a hobby to relieve your boredom.
Make new normals
Try to figure out why you eat chocolate or icecream when you are unhappy.  Was it given to you when you was a child to make you feel good? If it was, can you now realise that that was fine when you was a lively and growing child but now you are an adult, you don’t need food as a reinforcement, you can find other ways of  feeling good. 
Ø  Walk in the forest
Ø  Cuddle your grand daughter
Ø  Stroke the cat
Ø  Take your children to the sea. 
Do this instead of eating and you will have created new normals so that your over eating will just naturally slow down. Tell yourself that they are the best way forward.  Ignore the old voice when it tells you that eating will make you feel good – make a new voice.

Do you want to change?


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