What Fear?

Your Phobia 

No one is born afraid,
Except maybe for
loud bangs which twitch the newborn but later on,
Boo becomes a game that baby laughs at
and indeed babies under two,
often get afraid when you,
disappear or go away
And they cry
but then
Peek a Boo
Becomes a game

So you see,
how situations can be and how
Some situations
are artificial and
this is where your phobia sits

Your fear of snakes or spiders or planes happened somewhere, sometime
And when that something happened
to make you afraid of snakes, or spiders or planes

It was missed and you didn’t play it out
in a fun game so the
The fear Built and Built
upon Event after Event until you
no longer knew
why you was afraid
Just that you was. 

Now this, this can be very serious and this,
can be very real
Because fear,
Fear that is grounded in hard fact such as the sound of an aeroplane,
reminding you of a crash
which makes you afraid
of the sound of aeroplanes because of a crash
Does not have to dictate to you
Nor make use of your fear. 

You survived,
You CAN do the thing so have no need to be in fear 
Even though you may never know
or remember
why that first fear happened
and made you so afraid
Let it be used as the catalyst

for YOUR phobia

Joy Vaughan HE Dip Hyp


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